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Promote real diversity through proactive marketing and honest discussion.

"Much lip service is given in Evanston to 'diversity.' Too often this translates into simply changing the complexion of a committee, or appeasement through grants or subsidies.

"Honesty demands a more holistic approach, including confronting the history, causes, and continuation of housing segregation in Evanston as well as the soft bigotry of gentrification, otherwise what has been sometimes criticized as 'drive-by diversity' will become 'bye-bye diversity.' Market forces, and a laissez-faire approach, by and large won't work to provide diversity, even if a market segment values it.

"Honesty demands real attention to the problem of affordability and also requires proactive effort to attract and maintain the mix of residents that we cherish. This won't be accomplished through mandates so much as through marketing and consciousness. An important part of that consciousness also requires recognition of what Evanston does right, amidst forces that extend well beyond our borders." -- Jeff Smith

Jeff has the credibility to bring together elements of the neighborhood, University, real estate, and business communities to develop a comprehensive approach to nurturing an important part of what makes Evanston special.

On Feb. 28, make a difference and vote for Jeff Smith.

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