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Evanston's Lakefront

Protect the lakefront from piecemeal privatization and environmental threat.

No candidate has done more than Jeff Smith to fight to secure one of the most valuable public assets of Evanston and Illinois. A lifelong environmentalist, Jeff participated in the Evanston Lakefront Master Plan process1, and supports a lakefront protection ordinance. As an attorney he has represented lake users and neighbors against projects that threaten the public character of the shoreline, and has presented to community and legal groups about the public trust aspects of that natural resource. He has compellingly argued that the lakeshore and nearshore waters are an historic public way that deserve City of Evanston jurisdiction.2

Jeff was one of the earliest opponents of privatization of the Harley Clarke House property next to Evanston's historic lighthouse and serves on the Board of Evanston Lakehouse & Gardens,3 exploring partnerships to re-invent the space as a welcoming, usable site for all.

Recent years have seen numerous attempts to privatize public assets, and numerous encroachments on this public trust treasure. The lakefront needs an advocate in City Hall. With deep experience in government on nearly every aspect of lake and public trust issues, from recreational fishing regulation to regional water allocation, we can count on Jeff to bring knowledge and passion to the defense of Evanston's shore and our lake, no matter what happens in Springfield or Washington DC.

On Feb. 28, make a difference and vote for Jeff Smith.

1Ketul Patel, At Forum, Residents Describe Vision For Evanston’s Lakefront, Daily Northwestern (Jan. 8, 2007)

2See Jeffrey P. Smith, Memorandum re Historic Preservation Commission "Jurisdiction,"(July 8, 2016), , attached as "Neighbors' Exhibit J" to Evanston Preservation Comm., Agenda Packet, Tuesday, July 19, 2016, at 28-34, 19, 2016 Packet.pdf at 30-36

3Evanston Lakehouse & Gardens,

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