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City Character

Preserve Evanston's unique character by more thoughtful development.

Jeff Smith has an unparalleled track record of volunteer work on city planning issues. Jeff believes that people move to Evanston, stay in Evanston, and often move back to Evanston for a reason, with legitimate expectations that the City will not be transformed into something
unrecognizable by economic forces that push character to the curb.

Jeff's position: the City should listen, first, to the ideas and experience of those who live in our neighborhoods, rather than trying after-the-fact to push top-down ideas on residents, and should use citizen-driven plans as the foundation.

Jeff is the only candidate who was a participant in the Central Street Master Plan, Downtown Master Plan, Lakefront Master Plan, Climate Change Action Plan, and Multimodal Transportation Plan processes. As the first president of the Central Street Neighbors Association, Jeff was instrumental in the largest comprehensive corridor rezoning in Evanston, advocating at every step for sensitivity to human-level, resident-centered needs and desires. Only Jeff has said, in the nearly dozen candidate forums, that Evanston "can't skyscraper its way to prosperity." Both aldermen in the race voted to give the City the go-ahead to sell the library parking lot.

The Climate Action Plan was recognized as the first such city-level plan in the country to utilize citizen-power rather than a team of hired consultants.

The Central Street Neighborhood was recognized in 2013 by a national planning organization for its attention to walkability and the eclectic features of the neighborhood.

With Jeff Smith as mayor, the neighborhoods of Evanston will have not just an experienced public official in City Hall, but a friend and ally, and the people who move to Evanston because it's a special place will find a kindred spirit.

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On Feb. 28, make a difference and vote for Jeff Smith.

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